The company has its own cutting romm and it is able to elaborate:


  • loaded and warp
  • flat stitch fabric
  • double jersey
  • fleecy
  • sheared
  • elastic with Lycra


In all weaves (linen, twill, rep, hair fabrics – velvet, corduroy), in all modifications – flax, cotton, wool, PES and % mixture.


Sewing-machines are mostly from the companies JUKI and Dürkopp. For knitted fabrics we use the machines JUKI, UNION SPECIAL, MAUSER LOCK, KANSAI SPECIAL. The company disposes of the e size press MEYER RPS MINI and the clothes-press VEIT VARO SET THEOBALD.

The daily capacity of ready-made clothed workshop is 350 pcs. and of the knitting workshop 300 pcs. products.

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